Eight more Astounding’s in today’s mail

I came home from work to find 8 more issues of Astounding:

  • February 1944
  • June 1944
  • September 1944
  • September 1946
  • July 1947
  • March 1948
  • September 1948
  • July 1950

That I have these magazines at all is due to the generosity of David Vaughn of Indiana who read my post on io9 and offered to send me some duplicate issues that he had. It was an incredibly generous offer and I’m grateful to David for sending these along. And he went a step further. Included in the package was the December 1926 issue of Amazing Stories (see photo below). This is Amazing Stories, Volume 1, Number 9:


I’m still waiting on 4 more issues that I’ve ordered. Once those arrive, I can actually get started reading.


  1. This makes five blog post on Jan. 13th, alone–a work day, and you have a full time job. How do you manage get any serious writing done?

    Once again, good Science Fiction presentation.

    1. I do all my “serious writing” between 5-7am. I don’t do blogging or Internet during that time until I hit my quota for the day. As far as the number of posts, that is a kind of illusion. I make use of the “scheduled post” feature in WordPress to allow me to schedule posts throughout the day. I think 3 of the 5 posts were written the evening before or earlier. Two (the ones that appeared later in the day) were actually written on the 13th.

      Thanks, it was a fun presentation to do and some good discussion afterward. Where did you end up going after? I ended up with Michael K., et. al. at Lebanese Taverna.

  2. I was hijacked to RiRa by my ride. About six of us shared a large plate of nachos and a couple rounds of Guinness as we methodically critiqued your presentation. Then we held debates on whether education was killing science fiction, and whether science fiction was killing space flight, and finally who is the better writer, Robert Heinlein or Isaac Asimov.

    You’re probably thinking you went with the wrong group right now.

    Actually we didn’t discuss any of those things. But we did discuss if sex in zero G was possible, what complications might it cause, and what possible solutions there might be. Oh, yeah, and there was lots of Guinness and nachos.

    1. I’m jealous now. Guinness and nachos would probably have been better than my fake lamb chops. And the discussion sounds fascinating. Asimov (who wrote about everything) was once interviewed by Dr. Ruth about sex in zero gee. Next time I’ll go with you guys. It’s not the company, you understand, it’s the Guinness. 😉


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