Just a moment to reflect on the chaos that can swarm through a nation, even one as ancient Egypt. Watching the coverage on CNN, I wonder what would go through the minds of those ancient Egyptians, Hatsheput, ancient queen; Amenhotep; Rameses. What would the physician, artist and scientist, Imhotep, think of today’s events? The Egyptians were one of the first and earliest of what we call civilizations, their history spans more then 5,000 years into the past. How many of us today can trace our roots to those ancient people who built the pyramids, a feat of engineering that would be difficult to replicate in our modern world?

There is sadness in what is happening, and it is also frightening. The history of the United States is but that of a germ cell compared to Egypt. And yet if it can happen there, if freedoms can be suppressed; if the press can be censored; if rule of law can dissolve away under repression–if it can happen there, it can most assuredly happen here, too.

Five thousand years of history and what we are seeing at history’s leading edge is depressing to say the least. Here’s hoping that peace and some measure of improved freedoms can be restored.


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