30 day song challenge, day 2: your least favorite song

I wonder how many people doing this challenge thought this was a difficult one. The problem is most people simply don’t listen to their least favorite song so it is hard to bring to mind.  Reflecting on this, I’ve come up with two songs. The first is the Eagles “Life in the Fast Lane”. I don’t hate the song, but it feels out of place on the Hotel California album and while I always feel like I want to just skip over it, I never do. The song that I always skip over, the song that I really, really dislike is one performed by one of my favorite bands, R.E.M.:

Burning Hell from Dead Letter Office.

I think I listened to the song two or three times back in college and I’ve never listened to it since. I have a playlist on my iPod of R.E.M.’s entire discology, but I’ve removed that song from the playlist. I have no problem with the lyrics or the meaning of the song, I just think it is a bad, bad, song, and if any song comes to mind as my least favorite, it is that one.

One comment

  1. Tuesday’s Gone by Lynard Skynard is my least favorite song. It’s not even by choice, something about the music turns my stomach – an actual physical reaction.


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