The Little Man at 23 months

It’s hard to believe but the Little Man is 23 months today, making him just one month shy of 2 years. Two years! Kelly and I suspect he is a little a head of the curve as he seems to have already entered that wonderful period known as the “terrible twos”. Where to begin?

He has an opinion on just about everything and if he doesn’t get his way, he throws what I call a micro-fit. Perhaps a better name is a flash-fit, since it is intense but burns through very quickly. At first Kelly and I were a little taken aback by it because up until that point, the Little Man had been the sweetest guy on the planet. We’ve since grown used to it. We tend to deal with it in one of two ways: ignore it; or bribery, depending up on our mood. For the latter, investment in a large box of Mike & Ike’s was one of the wisest decisions that we’ve made. If we see the flash-fit starting, we can say:

“Do you want some candy?”

At the word “candy” any tears trickling down his cheeks seem to evaporate as if in a vacuum; any frown on his face inverts itself; the glittering in his eyes goes from one of burning frustration to one of burning desire. “Yeah!” he says, smiling. “Canee!” At which point we give him two Mike & Ike’s and all is well in Denmark.

We have been told that at school he is often the leader and this is consistent with our experience at home. The Little Man wants to be in charge, coordinate and supervise all activity. He will climb up on to the couch, sit down and then say, “Mommy sit,” and point to a spot on the couch. “Daddy sit,” and point to another spot on the couch. Once seated he’ll say, “Juice!” at which point one of us will drag ourselves up to get the Little Man some juice. When we return with the juice he’ll smile and say, “Mommy soda, Daddy soda,” which means he think we should be drinking our “juice” as well. What’s funny is that he can look in the fridge and he will point to the diet Root Beer and say, “Mommy soda,” and then point to the Coca Cola or a bottle of beer and say, “Daddy soda.”

His vocabulary has continued to expand. He uses adjectives. He’ll say, “BIG fire tow-truck!” He’ll say, “Happy!” Yesterday he pointed to the shoes I was wearing and said, “Daddy new shoes,” which was accurate since I’d purchased the shoes less than two hours before. He can point to just about any object in the house and say what it is. What’s more, he’s learned possessives. We often hear “My shoes,” or “My car.” But we also hear things like, “Mommy soda” or “Daddy vacuum.” (Why I get assigned the vacuum is beyond me.)

When he watches TV, if is cartoon goes to commercial, he says, “More Timmy” or “More spaceship”. He does the same thing when he sees credits roll. He likes Two and a Half Men. He’ll say, “Tee-vee, Jake!” which means he wants to watch that show. He is getting the idea behind baseball. He will watch the game with me and then call out “Stee-riiike!” and laugh and laugh and laugh! (He gets that from me, I think.)

We think the Little Man is close to being ready to be potty-trained. They actually get him started at his school, but recently, he has been making pronouncements about the culmination of his digestive activities. He’ll stand proudly in the center of the room and say, “Mommy, poopy!” Then he’ll turn to me and say, “Daddy, poopy.” Then his face will get bright red.

If Kelly calls me from upstairs or downstairs and the Little Man is with her, his voice will follow, “Jamie! Jamie! Daddy-Jamie!” That is pretty funny. Strangely, I’ve never heard him say “Kelly!”

The one thing he still doesn’t quite get is that he has a little sister on the way. If I say to him, “Is there a baby in mommy’s tummy?” he will smile and clap his little hands and say, “Baby!” But if I ask him if it is okay to bring a little sister home to live with us he gets very serious and say, “No!” with such force that there is clearly no wiggle room. We are working on that.

He is smart, and learns quickly, has a quick smile and an infectious laugh and I can’t believe he’s already nearly two. A mere 16 more years and he’ll be graduating high school and getting ready to head off to college.


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