Nebula Weekend 2011, Day 3

Well, the Nebula Weekend is over for me now, but I still had a blast at the various events this morning.

I arrived at the hotel at about 9:30 and ran into Allen Steele and (the Nebula Award-winning) Eric James Stone and chatted with them for a little while. Then I grabbed a quick breakfast before heading down to the Jefferson room to see the panel on the Old and the New. I got a front-row-center seat for this one. The panelists consisted of Jack McDevitt, who moderated, Joe Haldeman, N. K. Jemisin, Christopher Kastensmidt, and Michael J. Sullivan.


It was a really interesting discussion of the old ways and news way of the business from both a writer’s perspective and a reader’s perspective and Jack did a great job of moderating. After the panel was over I chatted for a little while with Gay Haldeman and then headed off for lunch with Michael Sullivan, his wife Robin, and Andrew Fox.

I returned to the hotel to say goodbye to a few people and spend a little while chatting with Bill Lawhorn in the lobby. We talked cons, including Balticon and Capclave. I’ll be up at Balticon for a few days next weekend, so the good feelings will continue.



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