Check out the latest MIND MELD on SF Signal!

In this week’s edition of SF Signal‘s popular MIND MELD series of discussions, the topic is “Fantasy novels besides Game of Thrones that would make an excellent weekly TV series“. There are some great mind’s melding in this one, including Robin Hobb, Martha Wells, David B. Coe, and many others, including yours truly. This is my first time participating in one of these mind meld’s and I think my recent enthusiasm over Game of Thrones is what helped get me on board.

In any event, there are some great suggestions from all the minds, and it makes for a fascinating read.


    1. When I first encountered the book, in 1994, it was right after reading Donald Barthelme’s The Dead Father, which has some similar themes, but is not nearly as dark or funny as Morrow’s.


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