Current writing projects

Seeing fellow Arlington Writers Group member Joanna Castle Miller’s “Juggling Act” post this evening made me feel sympathetic, and reminded me that I have several irons of my own in the fire, which I will now delineate for you:

  1. “Rescue”: my science fiction novelette. The story was critiqued today by folks in one of my writers groups and the feedback I have so far was both positive and extremely helpful. I now feel reinvigorated to get moving on this story once again. I’d like to get it in the mail before Readercon.
  2. My next Wayward Time Traveler column. I’m not going to tell you what this one is on, but I will say that I think I’ve come up with the most clever title for it and that it should be a fun one. This one will be out sometime on Tuesday.
  3. My next Vacation in the Golden Age post, Episode 17 covering the November 1940 Astounding. I am working my way through the magazine and the post should be out by Monday.

If you add to this list my busy schedule at the day job, perhaps you can understand if I seem to be preoccupied lately, taking longer to respond to emails. If you are talking to me and I seem distracted, it is likely due to the fact that I am running a scene in the story through my mind; or trying to think of interesting things to say about Willy Ley’s science article. Or worrying over the presentation I have to deliver tomorrow at the day job.

The fact that it has been over 100 F for several days now has not been helping either. Sitting down to write any one of these during a heavy downpour sounds just about ideal at the moment. Hint, hint to the rain gods.


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