1 million words

Sometime in the last two or three months, this blog passed a milestone: 1 million words of content.

I hadn’t checked on these stats in a long time, but I did so today, out of curiosity, and I found that, not counting this post you are reading now, there are 1,077,931 words worth of posts. If you factor in the static pages, that brings the total up to 1,093,536 words of published information on this blog, spread over 4,153 posts. And so far this year, I’ve been averaging between 27,000 – 41,000 words of new content each month. Pretty cool! At 25,000 posts/month, that means I’ll hit 2 million words in a little more than 3 years.

Here’s to the next million!


    1. Call it 10 novels. In the SF world, a novel is roughly 100K words. (More like 120-140K in the fantasy world.) In the popular lit fiction world, it’s more like 60-80K.


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