SF Signal podcast #59: Science fiction series that deserve the HBO treatment

In SF Signal‘s podcast #59, a number of panelists, including me, are asked the question: “What science fiction series deserves the HBO 10-episode-per-book treatment?” There are so many interesting answers that I am going to have to listen to the podcast, despite having been in it myself. There wasn’t time for me to jot down all of the interesting books to read. Other participants include:

One day, I think Patrick should put together a podcast made entirely of outtakes from the various episodes. 🙂


  1. I think I would die of embarrassment from such an episode!

    And, this was the first podcast that managed to get both you and I on the same one. We had been hopscotching before this, I think.

    1. Paul, I’m sure it won’t be the last. It’s funny, I find that I get so involved in what everyone else is saying, that I feel like I’m listening to a radio show and forget I’m supposed to be adding to the discussion as well. And sure, an outtake episode might be a little embarrassing, but it would be pretty darn funny if you ask me. 😉


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