This weekend and next

As summer has officially started and the days are getting shorter (here in the Northern hemisphere, anyway) I find that I am growing busier. Summer is typically crunch time at the day job. But we are also now about 2 months away from our little girl being born and things outside of work are busy, too. Lots going on this weekend, for instance:

  1. I have to climb up into the attic tomorrow to see if the attic fan is working. Also, I’ve always wondered if there are flowers up there.
  2. There are some hardwood floors that need cleaning.
  3. My sister, brother-in-law, and niece are coming down for a visit.
  4. I’m grilling on Saturday evening. Lots of yummy food. And beer for anyone who is not pregnant.
  5. I have to finish writing my 10th Wayward Time Traveler column for SF Signal.
  6. I need to make some progress on the novelette (a completed draft is targeted for July 14).
  7. I have to write up Episode 18 of my Vacation in the Golden Age, which covers the December 1940 issue (and includes the concluding portion of A. E. van Vogt’s “Slan”)

Next weekend is equally packed with goodness. The family is braving the holiday traffic to drive up to Albany, NY to visit our good friends, Eric and Ryane and their family. We are leaving super-early in the morning on Saturday to avoid as much traffic as possible. And we’ll be up there through Tuesday. So part of my week will be spent pre-writing some blog posts to cover the days that I will be in Albany so that there will be fresh content, even if I decide to take a few days off blogging.

What’s keeping you busy this weekend?


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