The Twitter twipping point

I noted today on my Twitter feed that I have reached what I call (in Elmer Fudd-like tones) a Twitter twipping-point; that is: the point at which your number of followers exceeds the number of people you follow. As of a little while ago, I followed 198 people and had 199 followers. I’m not really certain what the significance of this tipping point is, but it felt significant enough to call out.

I will say that Twitter has overtaken Facebook in my social networking toolbox. It used to be that I checked Facebook first and foremost and kept checking throughout the day. Now, I find that I check Twitter first and am following it throughout the day. I am only checking Facebook once or twice a day–and even then, I see a lot of duplicate stuff because of all of the relays people have (myself included) from one to the other.

I like Twitter because it follows that Shakespearean adage: brevity is the soul of wit.



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