Holiday weekend posts on writing short fiction

I’ll be out of town for the Fourth of July holiday weekend. My access to the Interwebs may be limited. In order that you don’t feel neglected here, however, I am preparing a series of posts on writing. There will be four posts covering my thoughts on some of the basic areas of writing short fiction:

  • Saturday: Getting started. You want to write short fiction. What do you have to do? What does it take?
  • Sunday: My thoughts on beginnings, where I will discuss the openings of short stories, what I have found to work, and what doesn’t seem to work well.
  • Monday: My thoughts on characters, where I will talk about my experience with developing characters in short fiction.
  • Tuesday: Common mistakes I’ve seen both in the writing of short fiction and the submission of short fiction.

Since my experience is primarily writing short science fiction, that’s what the focus of these posts will center around. Hopefully these will provide some useful information (from my experience) as well as server for the entry points for discussions on the subject, since there is not one right way to do this stuff.

I will try to check in on the discussion over the weekend if time and Internet access permits. Each topic will be posted at 7am Eastern on its scheduled day.

And yes, I know that Tuesday isn’t really part of the official holiday weekend, but it is part of my holiday weekend.


  1. Look forward to reading them. Thanks for the effort!

    Downloaded Scrivener (Beta for Windows). I’ve searched all over the menu bar but can’t find the command to tell Scrivener to write the story. That’s one serious flaw that needs to be fixed for the retail version! 🙂


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