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I attribute my grumpiness to stress. I’ve mentioned the recent uncharacteristic behavior on my part, particularly the profanity aimed at the idiotic drivers out there. Well, sometimes people ask for it.

I was all set to jump into another task at the day job when my boss called me and told me to head home and get an early start on the long weekend. I packed up my things and headed to the parking garage. Now, where I work, the lowest level of the parking garage is for mall and office building employees only and is clearly marked such. So there I am, walking to my car, when this fellow emerges from a car next to me and says, “It’s okay to park here, right?”

I started at him for a moment in wonder. I blinked. And then a little voice in my head said, “It’s a holiday weekend, give the fella a break.”

“No,” I said, “this entire level is for employee parking only.”

“But it’s okay to park here, right,” he said, emphasizing “here” as if that spot had some particular special significance.

“My understanding is that it’s the whole level,” I said.

“Really? Jeez, okay thanks.” The fellow got back into his car and disappeared up to the next level somewhere.

None of this would have been particular annoying except for one tiny fact, and I kid you not about this. The fellow in question stood next to his car, which was under this sign when he asked me if it was okay to park:

By all means, click to enlarge if it isn't clear enough

I waited until he had driven off and then I snapped the photo. The incident (and accompanying photo) took place just after 2pm on a Friday. Did this fellow not see the sign? I don’t see how you can miss it when it is hanging right in front of your parking space? I haven’t seen a better case of RTFM in a long time.

I’m sorry for being a grouch. My long weekend has started and I’m sure I will be in a swell mood as soon as the frustation from this latest encounter fades.

Really? You really want to know if you can park here? I should have said, “Yes.”

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  1. Oh, people who don’t read large obvious signs are fun. I was interning at an outdoor festival once, and since the staff generally had no more than a few minutes here and there to grab lunch, there was a staff only line at one of the vendor stands. Big red sign with big bold letters. Non-staff folks started piling up in the line one day, and one of my superiors told me to ask them to move to one of the other lines. Most did so quietly, but this one fellow got up in my face, angrily demanding to know where it said “staff only.” With great pleasure, I pointed to the sign right in front of him.


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