New book to look out for: The Trouble with Eating Clouds by Edmund R. Schubert


It is always so cool to me when a friend of mine comes out with a new book. I recently discovered that my friend, Edmund R. Schubert, has come out with a collection of stories called The Trouble With Eating Clouds. (And how cool is that title?) If Edmund’s name sounds familiar to you, it should be no surprise. He has been the editor of Orson Scott Card’s InterGalactic Medicine Show for more than four years now. He was the first editor to buy a story of mine, and the first editor that I ever met in person. And as you can see from this new book, he is also an accomplished writer. He’s written plenty of short fiction, some of which appears here; and he’s also written a novel, Dreaming Creek, of which I own a signed copy.

And speaking of signed copies, Spotlight Publishing is making a special offer on Edmund’s new collection: if you order the book in July, you’ll get a signed, numbered copy of the book. If you’ve never read Edmund’s stories, this is a good place to start–and if you have read his stories then you know what I’m talking about and why you need to go out and get this book!


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