Oh, Apple, your mousing-around is killing me!

I upgraded to OS X Lion the day after it was released (the one day delay was due to the need to add additional memory). As those who’ve upgraded know, one of the trickiest things to get used to is how scrolling with a mouse or trackpad had changed. Traditionally, you use the scroll bar to scroll through a screen. Scrolling down the scroll bar rolls the contents “up” and vice versa. While this is what we are all used to, it goes against our naturally tendency. Apple has finally changed this so that we scroll the content as opposed to the screen. Once you see it in action, it totally makes sense. It is what we do on the iPhone and iPad when we scroll there. And it does take a little getting used to.

The problem for me is, I’m now used to it, and it is killing me because I use a Windows machine at the day job and that uses traditional scrolling gestured, which are opposite of what I’ve now gotten used to. So I come into the office and try to scroll through my e-mail, and it moves the wrong way. So I adjust but then forget five minutes later and it happens again. And again. My blood pressure rises and that can’t be good.

So, while I applaud Apple’s change here, and while I find that it actually is better once you get used to it, I can’t help but think that this mousing-around of theirs is going to put me into an early grave. The frustration of having to use sloppy mouse gestures on a windows machine–and using them wrong–is going to kill me!

ETA: See Reed’s comment below for a way of emulating this behavior on Windows. I just did it on my Windows 7 machine and now scrolling works the same as in Lion.



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