Strange quirks of the Little Man, episode 1

The Little Man and I had a pizza party last night. You have to understand that it has been a very hot summer in the metro DC area. Kelly is now 3 weeks away from giving birth. We have little energy at the end of the day and what energy is left is sapped by the heat. We don’t feel like cooking. We barely feel like eating. So we’ve been making due with light meals or local places like Subway. The Little Man likes pizza and was asking for Pizza last night, so I ran up to our neighborhood Target and got two small Pizza Hut pan pizza’s and we took to my office floor, sat down and had a pizza party. It was loads of fun and I posted a picture of the event on Facebook for friends and family.

We sat there eating our pizzas and drinking our drinks. I had a Coke and the Little Man had orange juice, but of course, he kept wanting to sip my Coke and I let him do it a few times, as I always do. He takes the smallest possible sips through the straw, barely anything really. And then after two or three small sips, he’ll take a big, ten-second long pull and he’s satisfied.

During our little party, I discovered another strange little quirk that Little Man has. It’d gotten him a cheese pizza, even though he has eaten and likes pepperoni pizza. The cheesy surface of his slice was flat, except for one small part, where a piece of melted cheese had curled up and rose above the surface. When the Little Man got to this part, he said, “Uh-oh, Daddy.” He proceeded to pull off that piece of cheese. “Trash,” he explained. He got up took the offending cheese into the kitchen and tossed it in the trash. Then he returned and finished what was left of his (smooth-surfaced) pizza.

Kelly said she’d seen him do this before. I find this amusingly strange and quirky, but it was very serious business to him.

Incidentally, I recognize that the Little Man might someday decide that my public discussion of these (innocuous) strange quirks of his are embarrassing to him. All I can say is that they are in direct response to the long, popular, and hysterical series of blog posts that he will write thirty years from now titled, “Strange quirks of my Old Man.” Come on, you know that’s inevitable, right? And let me state for the record that none of what he will right is true. And if is true then he is simply exaggerating for effect. Got it? Good.


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