Home sweet home

We are back home, this time with an additional family member. The Little Man was very happy to see me pick him up from school today. He is still somewhat dubious about his new sister. However, to his credit, when he got home, he gave her his monkey–the same monkey that he carries with him nearly everywhere. I take that as a gesture of good will.

Kelly rested when we got home (she needs it) and I ran errands. I went out and bought a new television, a 32″ Vizio for our bedroom. We’ve never had a TV up there before but it will be convenient to help pass the time during those late night feedings. I mounted it to the wall and the cable people are coming out tomorrow to run a cable up there.

The Little Miss is doing well, mostly sleeping, eating and eliminating.

I am working my way through 3 days worth of mail, including a preliminary questionnaire for jury duty. (I served on juries when I lived in L.A. but in more than 9 years of living in Maryland and Virginia, I’ve never been called. Looks like that is about to change.). I’ve found it pretty easy to read while holding the Little Miss and letting her sleep in the crook of my arm. Because of that I’ve been racing at a pretty good clip through A Feast for Crows, and I’m nearly 20% through the book.

I also have some blog posts to catch up on, and of course, I need to get back to the novelette that I’ve been working on, but I’m easing my way back into things. If I am a little slow in responding to email or comments on the blog, please accept my apologies and consider it part of the adjustment period.

And my father-in-law, after browsing my bookshelves, selected Greg Bear’s Eon to read. He’s in for a treat.


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