A note of minor geekery

I finally got the home network setup so that there is a good wireless signal on the top floor of our townhouse. For nearly 2 years, we’ve had a good signal on the lower level and main floor, where we spend most of our time. But we’ve had a weak signal on the top floor. In part this is my fault because I have the main wireless router installed on the lowest level where the cable modem is. I’ve tried once or twice to use the “Extend a Network” feature on the Apple Airport Express devices, but they never seem to boost the signal upstairs.

Today, I figured out what I was doing wrong. Instead of the default “extend a network” feature, I enabled WDS networking on the base Airport Express on the lower level, and then added the second Airport Express as a remote WDS client on the main level. Once that was all configured properly, I went up to the top floor, where our bedrooms are located and where the signal is weakest and sometimes nonexistent. I had a strong signal. But just to be sure, I fired up HBOGO on my iPad and watched a few minutes of last night’s Entourage, and it came through in high-def glory without any delays or pauses. I could barely get a signal up there before and this little tweak tonight helps immensely.

Every once in a while, the fact that I work in IT proves helpful around the house.


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