That Song of Ice and Fire is getting old; time for a different tune

I have been on the same page of A Feast for Crows (p. 314, pi) for more than a week now. This has happened before in the series, but when you couple it with the fact that my mind is wandering and itching to read other things, it’s usually a sign that I’ve reached my saturation point. So I am officially taking a break from The Song of Ice and Fire series until such a time as I feel excited about it again. There is a ton of short fiction out there for me to catch up on, to say nothing of reading The Mote In God’s Eye, which readers chose as the next science fiction novel I would read.

Please don’t interpret this as commentary on George R. R. Martin’s series. I still really like it, still think it is the best epic fantasy that I’ve read, and I do look forward to reading the rest of the series. But not right now. My mood has changed and I’m looking to get back to reading science fiction for a while.


  1. I took a break halfway through A Clash of Kings and now I’m taking a break from A Storm of Swords. It does get to a point where it turns from excitement to apathy.

    1. Yes, there are some dark times in those books. But I have to tell you that you have yet to get to the best part of A Storm of Swords. I thought that the last third or so of that book was pretty incredible.


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