My interview with Barry N. Malzberg is now live at SF Signal

I had the pleasure of interviewing Barry N. Malzberg1 for SF Signal last week. We talked about the science fiction of the 1950s and his involvement with The Galaxy Project, an effort to bring back some of those classic novelettes and novellas that appeared in Galaxy during that decade. Head on over there to check it out.

  1. This really was a delight for me. I’ve been a fan of Barry’s since I first read “The Passage of the Light” in Science Fiction Age in 1994. In 1999, I wrote a letter to Barry care of the Scott Meredith Literary Agency to tell him how much I admired his writing. He wrote me back and that made my month. I finally got to meet him in person at Readercon in 2008, and then again in 2010 and 2011. During that time and since we’ve corresponded quite a bit through e-mail and become friends. You always dream of becoming friends with a hero but never actually think it will happen. Well, it happened in this case.


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