Post Thanksgiving


We stayed home for Thanksgiving this year, and hosted dinner for the first time ever. Our newlywed friends, Sarah and Jay, prepared a turkey and pie and brought other goodies with them and came over in the afternoon. Earlier in the day, we cooked. I made a green bean casserole and some organe-glazed carrots. Kelly made mashed potatoes and stuffing. We had some light appetizers and plenty of wine to go around.

I think the dinner turned out really, really well:


I heaped food on my plate and was so stuffed by the time the meal was over that I could not even think about eating dessert: pumpkin pie and chocolate pudding pie. I went dessertless and was thankful for that, believe me!

It was our first Thanksgiving with the Little Man and Little Miss and so we had plenty to be thankful for. But I’ve got to say that I was awfully thankful for not having to travel anywhere this year, even if it was just across town.

Black Friday

In the post-Thanksgiving dinner coma that we fell into, we all went to bed pretty early. I woke up at midnight and couldn’t sleep so I ended up reading for a couple of hours to kill time. But I have to say that I was tempted to walk next door to the Target and take a peek and see if there were really crowds of people ready to dash in for the Black Friday sales when they opened at midnight! I told this to Kelly later in the day and she said she would have totally done that. Ah well.

Last year I remember it being bitterly cold here Thanksgiving weekend. On Black Friday it was sunny and the temperatures reached up into the mid-60s. We’re expecting much of the same today. We took the kids out for a long walk, basking in the sun, during which time they both fell asleep. But for the most part, yesterday was a lazy, stay-at-home day. I went to the local grocery store early in the morning to get some donuts, but it was early enough to where the store was empty. Other than that, we did no shopping, sat in no traffic, and had a quiet day at home. We weren’t contributing to the economy, I suppose, but I’m not worried. It appears there were plenty other people doing that to more than make up for our exclusion.


This morning, we are heading out into the wilds of Virginia in search of the perfect Christmas tree. Later today I have some Golden Age reading to do (Episode 28 of my Vacation in the Golden Age will be out tomorrow afternoon). And I have more writing to do. This evening, we are having friends over, including one of the Little Man’s good friends. We haven’t told him yet, otherwise he’d be asking us about it all day long.


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