Top posts in 2011

Here are the 10 most popular posts on the blog in 2011, ordered from most-popular to least-popular.

  1. Dr. Who is stalking me
  2. Going iPad, Part 2 of 5: Writing on the iPad with Scrivener and SimpleNote
  3. How Evernote has helped me go paperless (a status update)
  4. Managing my writing life with Evernote
  5. Going iPad, Part 3 of 5: Note-taking, Evernote and Science Fiction Conventions
  6. Using Evernote as a surrogate memory; or answering the question “When did X happen?”
  7. Building and managing story timelines using Scrivener
  8. Five tips for a successful NaNoWriMo (and how Scrivener can help)
  9. Vacation in the Golden Age of Science Fiction
  10. 10 reasons Scrivener is a great tool for new writers

I wonder what the top 10 will be in 2012.


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