A few random items of note

Just a few things before I put the Little Man to bed and head up myself to get some reading done:

  1. I am trying to better compartmentalize my various activities. To that end, if you see my online less during the workday, that is to be expected. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy at the office and checking email just distracts me from that. So, my plan, should it succeed, is to check email early in the morning when eating breakfast (around 5:30am) and again at noon just before lunch. Once I’m home from work, I’ll check more frequently, check Twitter, Facebook, and of course, blog comments. This is just notice: please forgive me if I don’t respond as quickly as I have in the past.
  2. I got in 700+ words of new fiction today. It was on a tough scene, too. The scene is not complete yet, but I think I’ll finish it up in the morning.
  3. Tomorrow (Wednesday) night at 9pm ET, I’ll be a guest on the #sffwrtcht hosted by Bryan Thomas Schmidt. We’ll be talking about writing and also about the Golden Age of science fiction, so tune in via Twitter if you are interested. Participation is encouraged, and I beg your forgiveness in advance. This is my first Twitter chat. If you are not around for it, Bryan will post a transcript of the chat afterward.
  4. Episode 30 of my Vacation in the Golden Age, covering the December 1941 issue of Astounding will be out on schedule, sometime Sunday afternoon.
  5. For those who missed the announcement on Twitter, I managed to get my first story submission for 2012 out on January 1. It feels nice to have a story “out” again. I’m hoping to build up a cache of stories out at any one time. Maybe a few of them will sell!

That is all. Have a good night!


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