An Internet-free day tomorrow

Just a heads-up: I’m taking the day off from the Internet tomorrow. I’m pretty exhausted and hope to get a good night’s sleep tonight. I have lots of writing and work planned for tomorrow, and I think I’ve been cramming in a little too much. Something has to give. So I’m taking the day off from the web. What this means:

  • I won’t be checking e-mail tomorrow
  • I won’t be Tweeting or responding to tweets
  • I won’t be on Facebook or other social networks
  • I won’t be reading blog comments or making new posts
  • I won’t be reading RSS feeds
  • I won’t be opening a web browser of any kind

So, if you are sending me email, tweeting to me, commenting on Facebook or the blog, etc., know that I won’t be responding tomorrow, but I will get back to you on Thursday.

Have a happy hump-day! See you all back here on Thursday.


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