Weekend with the family

I realize that I didn’t post here almost the entire weekend. This was a weekend spent mostly with the family, doing family activities and it was a lot of fun. It was mostly relaxing, too. It was fairly cold here the last several days. We had a fire in the fireplace both Saturday and this evening, and we all sat around in the family room, watching TV, or reading or cleaning out closets or just being lazy. Saturday evening we drove down to Woodbridge to visit some friends who have newborn twin boys.

Today was equally lazy. We all went to Gymboree this morning. I stayed in the car and read. (Robert Silverberg’s “Beauty in the Night,” if you are wondering. Excellent story, first published in Science Fiction Age in 1997.) After that we went to another friend’s house so that the Little Man could hang out with his little friends. We all napped in the afternoon and, as I said, spent the evening down in the family room around the fire.

So I was mostly away from the Internet, but it was kind of nice.

Hope you all had an equally relaxing and pleasant weekend as well.


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