Conversations with the Little Man

The Little Man has a routine before bed. After he’s gotten into his pajamas and brushed his teeth and is all cleaned up, we find Kelly and the Little Miss. I remind to him say goodnight.

“Goodnight, Mommy,” he says.

“Goodnight, Little Miss,” he says.

Then I usually have to nudge him before he says, “I love you!” (Which comes out sounding like “Ah lahv yoo!”)

Last night the Little Man had been playing with a new toy on our bed–a little train set from Chugginton. (His reward for doing a very good job using the potty.) I collected him for bed and got him all ready. I think reminded him to say goodnight.

“Goodnight, Mommy,” he said.

“Goodnight, Little Miss,” he said.

Then he paused and I nudged him as a reminder. “What else, buddy?”

And without missing a beat, the Little Man said, “Goodnight, train tracks!”


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