Congratulations to the Nebula award nominees

The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America released the Nebula Award ballot for 2011 this morning and skimming through the list, it looks to be a good one. I’ve managed to read much of the nominated short fiction already. I’ve only read one of the novels on the list. In terms of short fiction, it looks to me like the Novella category is the toughest one this year. So much excellent stuff in that category. I’m very much looking forward to attending the award ceremony in May. (It is particularly convenient that it is being held 5 miles from my house and virtually across the street from my office.)

For those who missed the list of nominees, here they are. Congratulations to them all:




Short Story

Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation

  • Attack the Block, Joe Cornish (writer/director) (Optimum Releasing; Screen Gems)
  • Captain America: The First Avenger, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely (writers), Joe Johnston (director) (Paramount)
  • Doctor Who: “The Doctor’s Wife,” Neil Gaiman (writer), Richard Clark (director) (BBC Wales)
  • Hugo, John Logan (writer), Martin Scorsese (director) (Paramount)
  • Midnight in Paris, Woody Allen (writer/director) (Sony)
  • Source Code, Ben Ripley (writer), Duncan Jones (director) (Summit)
  • The Adjustment Bureau, George Nolfi (writer/director) (Universal)

 Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and FantasyBook


  1. I read two novels, which is high for me at this point.

    I know which one you read. I saw a “groan” from someone on twitter about that author and their nomination. I just roll my eyes and not say a word.


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