Approaching 40: Crazy for you

Remember your first school dance? I’m not talking about the square dancing you would do in sixth grade as part of a program for the school show. I’m talking about a real dance where your music was playing and there were, you know, girls to dance with?

I think mine was in seventh grade, although it very well could have been eighth grade. I can remember the auditorium very clearly. I was into Flight Simulator at the time and I remember walking into that auditorium thinking about the Microsoft product. But I quickly forgot about it. The auditorium was all decked out. I can’t remember if there were teachers acting as chaperones, but I am certain there were. The truth is, I can’t actually remember if I danced with anyone, but I do remember a song that was played partway through the school dance: Madonna’s “Crazy For You.” Anytime I hear that song, I’m reminded of that first school dance, and the strange feelings it brought about (thanks in large part to the hormones).

There were a number of girls that I “asked out” in my junior high school years. I don’t remember if any of them had any interest in me whatsoever, or if they even noticed me much. I remember asking out one girl who sat next to me in home room. During the morning break, I turned to my friend and said, “Hold my milk!” I then walked over to her and asked her out. Where on earth I thought we’d end up going, I have no idea, and I suppose in hindsight, I’m extremely lucky that she said to me that she was flattered, but she just wanted to be friends. (Many years later, I wrote a story science fiction story about the incident called “The Guardian Angel Project.” I think it was in seventh grade that I really started noticing girls, thanks in large part, I’m sure, to the chemicals in my blood stream.

Eventually, my luck improved, but there were some awkward moments in those early years, and even more to come. Madonna’s “Crazy For You” is one reminder of those awkward moments. But as Yoda said in The Empire Strikes Back, “There is another…”


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