Approaching 40: Lost for words

Senior year in college zoomed by. I was playing catch-up, taking extra classes in order to make up for some of the slower semesters in my sophomore year. I took 16 units first quarter of senior year, 20 units second quarter, and, with special permission from the Dean, 24 units my last quarter. I was also working plenty of hours at the dorm cafeteria. Looking back on it, I have no idea how I pulled it off. I do know that I was moving around a lot, my days were a jumble of activities.

I’d recently obtained Pink Floyd’s latest album, The Division Bell, and for a time, I’ve go from place-to-place with my Walkman headphones on my ears, listening to that tape over and over again.

The song, “Lost For Words” reminds me of those times. It seems to me that my schedule at one point was particularly hectic. I had an early breakfast shift in the dorm cafeteria, after which I went to classes for most of the day before returning to the dorm cafeteria for an evening custodial shift. I’d listen to my Walkman wherever I walked. Walking from the dorms to campus in the morning was pleasant and it is that walk that I am reminded of when I hear “Lost For Words.”

Much of the rest of that time is a blur. I really don’t know how I did it, but I look at my transcript and the grades are there. Somehow, I pulled it off. Of course, I was a lot younger and with a lot more energy back then. And I really wanted to graduate in four years. That probably helped.


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