Personal analytics: a year of online activity

Here is another look at some personal analytics data. In this chart, you can see my online activity plotted for 2011:

Online Activity 2011.PNG
Click to enlarge

The activity is color-coded and broken into six categories: Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Instagram, Mobile Photos and Check-ins. Note that this is not a complete set of online activity, but it is everything that gets routed through Facebook. For instance, when I take a picture with Instagram, it gets posted to Facebook. When I make a blog post, it gets posted to Facebook. This doesn’t capture things like Twitter replies, direct messaging, commenting on posts, etc.  Still, I think it makes for an interesting picture. You can see that I’m busiest online in the mornings. Often times that’s when I’m replying to stuff that has come in overnight. And a lot of scheduled posts through WordPress come out in the mornings.

Right around mid-August there is an almost vertical line running through the day. It starts red (tweets) and then turns blue (photos) just before 9am. That is when the Little Miss was born. Beginning in September, you’ll see the later night activity more or less curtailed. This is when I started going to bed earlier and earlier to help the Little Man get used to sleeping back in his own room.

How did I get this data? I used Facebook’s Download functionality to download a zipped copy of all of my Facebook data (including Wall posts). From the downloaded archive, there is an HTML file that represents all of your Wall activity. I wrote a Perl script to parse out dates from the entries and also classify them, mostly based on the icon associated with the entry. Anything that wasn’t one of the 5 main online activities got automatically classified as “Facebook.”



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