The dates at the very end of Stephen King’s 11/22/63

You would not believe how many people arrive at my blog searching for “January 2 2009- December 18, 2010 Sarsota, Flordia/Lovell, Maine” which appears at the very end of Stephen King’s time travel novel, 11/23/63. They usually end up on my review of the novel. A few people have even asked what those dates mean? Why are they there? What have they to do with the book?

I could be wrong, but when I saw them, I simply thought they represented the dates (and places) during which Stephen King was writing the book. I’m surprised that others are perplexed by this. Perhaps it’s because the novel is a time travel novel and dates play an important role that is confusing people. But I’ve seen this notion of dating the writing of a book not only in other Stephen King books, but countless books by other authors as well.

Still, I must get a dozen people directed to my blog each week simply because they are searching for the meaning of “January 2 2009- December 18, 2010 Sarsota, Flordia/Lovell, Maine.”

Well, there you go.

One comment

  1. So glad I came across this information about the date. The fact that dates play a big role in this book, was the reason I was trying to figure out what it meant. Duh! Thanks. Really enjoyed the book. I’ve never been a huge Stephen King fan, but my husband convinced me to give it a try and I couldn’t put it down. So now I will certainly pick up more of his works.


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