It’s such a beautiful day

I mean absolutely gorgeous here in the metro-DC area. Mid-80s, low humidity with a wonderful breeze blowing. It’s very difficult to be stuck in an office on a day like today, and I’m reminded of Isaac Asimov’s story “It’s Such a Beautiful Day” (Star Science Fiction, 1954) in which teleportation devices allowed people to travel anywhere without ever having to go outside. On a day like this, I’m sure glad those teleportation devices haven’t been invented yet.

I’ve gotten into the habit of taking a 15 minute walk at 10am to clear my head and get some air. I’ve been doing it for five weeks now. Today, not only did I do my walk at 10am, I did it again at 2:30pm just to get out an enjoy the weather for a few minutes.

And it was totally worth it!

One comment

  1. Lucky!

    The north part of Minnesota got up to 11 inches of snow on the Iron Range.

    Down here…chilly, overcast, snow showers and it won’t get to 40.

    I wish I had a Niven-style teleporter…


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