Recent blog stats: an interesting trend

Every once in a while, visits to this here lil’ blog take a surprising jump. Usually it is a blip on the radar and the spike returns to roughly normal fairly rapidly. But over the course of the last two months, something has changed and the number of visitors has increased quite a bit. Quite a bit. Here, see for yourself. Here’s a chart that I put together plotting average daily visits since I converted the blog to WordPress back in February 2010 (and imported LiveJournal posts going back to 2005, for which I have no visit data).

chart_1 (1).png

Average daily visitors were always steadily increasing, which is generally how I like it. Slow, but steady. Late last year things started to pick up, but as you can see, there was another dip. Then, beginning last month, things really picked up and have stayed there. Indeed, May is outpacing April by half again, despite April being an outstanding month. At the moment, I’m seeing, on average, over 2,200 visitors each and every day!

That made the total visits to the blog explode, of course:

chart_2 (1).png

This chart shows total visits by month. Note that in both these charts, I’m counting only direct visitors to the blog. I am not including people who read the blog via RSS feeds. Those numbers tend to add about 1,000 visits per day. In the month of April alone, I had half as many visits as all of 2011. It is incredible!

Many of the visitors are coming by to read my Going Paperless posts that I have been doing in my capacity as Evernote’s Paperless Lifestyle Ambassador, and , of course, that pleases me enormously. The feedback I’ve gotten on those posts has been overwhelmingly positive. But it seems like folks who come by to read those posts, are looking at other things as well, and that also pleases me. I can’t imagine this ever-increasing pace can be sustained, but it’s certainly fun while it lasts.

So I just wanted to say to all of the new visitors, and the old visitors who keep coming back: thank you for stopping by. It’s a pleasure to have you here and I am humbled by the activity I’ve seen in my little corner of the web.


    1. Bryan, 3K was a kind of magic number for me, because it meant about 100 visits each and every day. It took me 14 months of steady blogging before I ever broke 3K in a single month. But at that point I’d picked up some steam. It was only 2 months more before I doubled that, breaking 6K in a month. I’m on track for more than 10 times that amount in May. I can’t believe it!

  1. Some say that getting on Pinterest and adding boards can cause your traffic to go up. Mine has also gone up–a lot–and I’m not sure why, either. I have signed up with Twitterfeed so that my blog posts are automatically posted to Twitter and Facebook, so that’s part of it. Either way, it’s all good news! Happy trails!

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