Improved “Web of Trust” rating for this site

Every once in a while, someone will comment that various browser plug-ins report this site as unsafe. The reason for this is that some of those plug-ins use the Web of Trust website to determine the safety of various sites. Web of Trust is a crowd-sourced site in which people can report positive and negative experiences with a site. When I first started hearing reports that my site was flagged as unsafe, I looked into the matter, and sure enough, some folks had reported the site was unsafe because of a random reference in a listing elsewhere. There was not much I could do about this at the time, other than make my regular readers aware of it. I wrote about this back in November 2011.

I am pleased to say that in the months since, the Web of Trust rating of this site has greatly improved, and much of the credit goes to readers who have reported the site as “safe” and given “thumbs down” to those who’ve commented otherwise. When I looked at the Web of Trust rating for this site today, here is what I saw:

wot ratings.PNG

In 3 of the 4 ratings, the site ranks “good.” I have no idea what “vendor reliability” means, or why it should be lagging behind there, but the truth is, I’m not all that interested. I’ve gotten the word out and folks have taken action and the rating has improved which is good only for those folks who use software that make use of the data Web of Trust provides. I’m glad the ratings have improved because I’ll get fewer questions about it and folks should be less confused about it going forward.


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