Spring planting

Last October, we ripped out the bushes we had in front of our house and replaced them with mulch surrounded by a nice little fence. It was always our intention to plant something there, but late October is not the best time for planting. We made it through the winter and most of the spring, and finally, today, we have completed our little projects, planting four small plants and cleaning the area up to make it look (hopefully) a little nicer. Here is how it looks today (for comparison, see the photos at the link above):


And here is the sliver to the right of our front door that we’d done nothing with last October:


We are pretty happy with the result. It took about 2-1/2 hours to get it all done this morning and since it is on the way up to above 90 degrees today, I’m pretty hot and sweaty at the moment. But I think it was worth it.


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