Ask me your paperless lifestyle questions for next week’s Going Paperless post

As I indicated in this week’s Going Paperless post, this is the thread where you can ask me questions about paperless lifestyle. Ask anything you like about paperless lifestyle (it can be about the software, Evernote, Skitch, or something else); or hardware (scanners, iPhones, staple removers, shredders); or even process. Post your question in the comments to this thread. I will go through all of the questions, consolidate the like ones, and in next week’s Going Paperless post, I’ll post the answers to as many questions as I can. I will close the comments at 9pm EDT on Monday, June 18.

So here you go. Open forum. Ask away!

ETA (6/19): You can find the answers to these questions here.


  1. Hi Jamie,

    A quick one.
    In one of your recent Paperless post you did for Evernote, you mentioned a scanner that has great capabilities fit for EN users (particularly Scan Directly to EN) I cannot recall the model number, but it was a portable Fujitsu.

    I am after the same capabilities, however in the form of a printer/scanner combo.

    Did your road to a paperless lifestyle ever take you into the printer/scanner world with your research?


  2. EN a really interesting option for a digital filling cabinet. I’ve just been using a dropbox folder. My concern with EN is future proofing. Can you walk through the process to extract files (PDF/images) from EN exports should something in the future happen to EN, so that we can see how we can get our raw files back if need be

  3. Any suggestions on moving materials into Evernote from devices that do not copy and paste well? For web materials, I use Pocket as a queue for materials (such as recipes) that I would like to put into Evernote. Any other suggestions would be appreciated. I’m also wondering if there’s any way of moving recipes from magazines viewed on the Kindle Fire into Evernote.


  4. If you don’t have Premium and you are on the go and you only have wi-fi access how would look up the things you mentioned in your blog?

  5. How would you organize the evernote notebooks for a couple, e.g. wife and husband? Especially if one of the two is not into archiving everything digitally?

  6. Jamie,
    Love the Evernote blog. I am new to Evernote and am fascinated by the potential for organizing my life. I am concerned about scanning receipts and throwing them away. Will stores accept a receipt that I show them on my phone? Do I have to reprint the receipt before going to the store? It seems as if I would be wasting more paper by doing the latter.

  7. Going paperless has become my summer project; your site a great source of wisdom, and a great help in avoiding inevitable messy pitfalls.

    I’m interested to know how many notebooks you have in each of your stacks. I’m with you that tagging slows the process down when adding notes without the pay-off when searching, but I’m already feeling the need to add notebook after notebook and worried it could get out of control.



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