Story sale: “Lost and Found” sold to Daily Science Fiction

I am delighted to announce that my story, “Lost and Found,” has been picked up by Daily Science Fiction. All year, I’ve had a secret desire to get a story into Daily Science Fiction because I enjoy reading the stories they publish so much. And so I was thrilled when I learned a few days ago that they were picking up my story.

For the unlikely few who don’t already know about Daily Science Fiction, they are an online fiction magazine. They send out an original story every weekday of the year. And you can get these stories for free in email by subscribing to their email list. Not long after the story is emailed out to subscribers, it will also appear (for free) on their website. And monthly compilations of stories are available on Kindle.

“Lost and Found” is my sixth story sale.

More info on when it will be scheduled to appear when I have the information myself. Mostly, I was excited about finally selling a story to Daily SF and wanted to get the word out. Now go an subscribe to their mailing list, if not for my story then for all of the other terrific stories they put out each weekday.

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