A reminder about my upcoming Internet Vacation next week

Just a reminder that I am taking an Internet Vacation next week. Since we are a little closer, I wanted to provide some more information about my vacation and what you can expect. My vacation will begin on midnight Sunday, August 12. It will continue until midnight of Sunday, August 191.

During my vacation I will not be doing the following:

  • Checking personal email
  • Checking Twitter or Facebook
  • Checking blog comments
  • Reading my RSS feed
  • Doing Facebook, Google, or any other kind of online chats
  • Actively participating in any social networking

If you send me an email and we’ve corresponded before, you will receive an auto-response reminder you that I am not checking email and that I’ll read your message when I return from my Internet vacation.

Blog posts will continue to be made here. Because I like you guys, and just because I’m on an Internet vacation doesn’t mean you are. Here is how it will work:

  • There will be 2 blog posts each day, beginning Sunday, August 12 and continuing through Saturday, August 18.
  • The first blog post of the day will post at 7am EDT and will be a “retro” post; I’ve selected 7 posts that I thought were pretty interesting that I’ve written over the years and each day you will get one of those seven.
  • The second blog post of the day will post in the afternoon (I haven’t decided exactly what time yet, but probably between 2-3pm EDT.) This will be a new post written and pre-scheduled in preparation for my Internet Vacation. You can expect the usual stuff. Yes, the Tuesday post will be a Going Paperless post.
  • That is a total of 14 posts that are scheduled to be made while I am away from the Internet.
  • Feel free to comment on the posts, but remember that I won’t be reading or responding to the comments until August 19 at the earliest. Normally, comments require moderation if you’ve never commented before, but I will likely turn off this moderation for the week that I am on vacation and see how it goes. Please be nice!

What if you desperately need to reach me while I am on my Internet vacation? Call me. If you know me, you probably already have my number. My number is also listed in the SFWA directory, if you are a member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. I’ll be answering my phone. It is an Internet vacation, not a technology vacation.

I am back from my Internet vacation on Sunday, August 19. However, that is also the Little Miss’s first birthday, and so I may not get to responding to email message and comments until much later in the day. Also, I really have no concept of how many will pile up over the course of a week.

Why am I taking an Internet vacation? I wrote about it here, but the short answer is that I’m trying to collect some real data on how much time I spend on the Internet and how much it distracts me from getting other things done. And yes, I will write about my vacation when it is all over.

Any questions, leave them in the comments before Saturday night and I will get them answered.

  1. Although, realistically, you probably won’t hear from me until closer to 8 or 9am Sunday morning.


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