What I will be doing on my Internet Vacation

I’ve told you what I won’t be doing on my Internet Vacation. So what will I be doing?

  1. Not stressing about All Things Internet. No worrying about checking email, Twitter, Facebook, blog comments, stats, etc.
  2. Staying away from the news.
  3. Spending more time with the family
  4. Writing as much as I can.
  5. Reading, mostly books I’ll be reviewing for InterGalactic Medicine Show in September.
  6. Also reading books on baseball theory and sabermetrics.
  7. Taking a Mathematica class.
  8. Getting used to my standing desk at the day job.
  9. Preparing for an interview I will doing at Worldcon–one that will eventually appear in the November 2012 issue of InterGalactic Medicine Show.
  10. Basking in distraction-free days

I have a pretty good idea of how much time I spend writing, reading, exercising (walking), etc. each week. I’m hoping that by looking how much more I get done next week without the Internet to distract me, I’ll have a pretty good estimate for how much time I spend on the Internet. Kind of like how a chemist knows how much oxygen a compound contains by weighing it before and after the oxygen is removed.

But how will I avoid the distractions of the Internet?

  • I’ve disabled all notifications on my iPhone and iPad. This includes badges, sounds and popups. Look at my phone or iPad, I will have no idea how much email, Facebook messages, Tweet replies, etc.
  • I’m not opening a web browser unless it is for something directly related to my day job.
  • I’ve downloaded a ton of articles and research on baseball theory so that I don’t have to go online for it.
  • I’ve put up an auto-responder on my email so that folks know that they should not expect a response from me until at least August 19.
  • I’ve scheduled 14 blog posts–2 a day for each day of my Internet Vacation–so that regular readers of the blog don’t have to worry about no content–and I don’t stress that people are missing out.

I think it will work out just fine. I’ve got plenty to keep me busy. And that is kind of the idea, after all.


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