Books Received, August 2012

Since I became the science fiction book reviewer for InterGalactic Medicine Show, publishers have been kind enough to send me books to review. So far, I haven’t been able to review the books I’ve been sent, mostly because they are either (a) not science fiction; or (b) they are science fiction, but are Book n in a series, where n > 1. I can’t possibly go back and read books 1 through n-1 prior to reading book n. And so while I have accumulated a nice little stack, I have stuck to books that seem interesting to me–which at this stage are stand-alone novels, anthologies or story collections.

That said, I promised in an earlier post to list the books I receive once each month. I neglected to do this for August, so here are the books that I received in August:

  • Fate of Worlds by Larry Niven and Edward M. Lerner (TOR)
  • The Unincorporated Future by Dani Kollin & Eytan Kollin (TOR)
  • Chasing Spirits: The Building of Ghost Adventure Crew by Nick Groff (with Jeff Belanger) (NAL)

That’t it for August. I’ve already received at least one book for this month, but I’ll list it in the next post.

And a fews hints that will help increase the likelihood that I will review a book:

  • It should be clearly science fiction (not fantasy, not horror).
  • It should be a stand-alone novel, or an anthology, or short story collection.

One final note: I already have the books I will be reviewing for my November column (and I’m very excited about both of them). That means the next “open” month at the moment is January 2013.


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