What I Will Be Doing Tonight

Despite what I just said, tonight, I’m taking a little break. There is an important event on television this evening that everyone should take some time to watch. While this event probably won’t sway a lot of voters, it will be decisive in determining what happens in November.

I’m speaking, of course, of the Yankees game against the Red Sox, which will be on ESPN beginning at 7:05pm ET.

The Yankees have a 3-in-4 chance of clinching the division tonight: only if the Yankees lose and Baltimore wins will trouble ensue. But I’m confident in my Yankees. And indeed,what happens tonight could very well impact what happens in November, which is when the last game of this year’s World Series is scheduled to be played.

I’ve got beer and I’ve got chips. The Little Man will be watching the game with me.

What about the Presidential debates? Well, if the game is still close at 9pm, there’s no way I’m changing the channel. And if it isn’t close, well, I’m scheduled to appear in the SF Signal Podcast tonight. We record at 9:30 pm, so I’d miss the debate anyway.

And besides, there has never been something said in a Presidential debate that has changed my mind. This isn’t because my mind is unchangeable. It’s because this isn’t really a debate; at least, not the kind of affair I learned to participate in during junior high school and high school. In a real debate, people’s minds can change based on the rigors of argument and logic, including the minds of those debating. Think that’s going to happen?

I think it is more likely that we’ll see three perfect games tonight.


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