My Productive Plan For A Dreary Sunday

It is the first really dreary day since early spring. The weather here is overcast, with light rain and temperatures in the low 50s. Of course, it is Sunday, and not just any Sunday but one in which I could spend watching baseball from noon to midnight, as there are four playoff games taking place today. But, as much as I’d like to watch all four games, I have other work that I need to get done–and unlike the rest of the family (and much of the country), I don’t have a day off tomorrow for Columbus Day.

So my plan is to be productive today. Here is what I’d like to do, in roughly the order listed below.

  1. Clean my office floor (I’ve been meaning to do this for some time now). [9:56am]
  2. Review the galleys for my Daily Science Fiction story one more time before sending them back. [10:30am]
  3. Write a scene or two in my novella. [11:30am]
  4. Read more of The Cassandra Project (currently on page 58). [1:40pm, p. 85]
  5. Reach page 70 in the November 1942 Astounding (currently on page 28).
  6. Write a couple of blog posts.
  7. Read Barry Malzberg and Mike Resnick’s latest Dialogue column in the Fall 2012 SFWA Bulletin
  8. Clean the bathrooms
  9. Clean up my desk (which has gotten a little out of control)
  10. Run a couple of errands at the store.

It would be nice if I could have all of this done by 6pm because that is when the Yankees game comes on and I do plan on watching that game this evening. Anyone else have plans this Sunday?

One comment

  1. This is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada. We have the turkey in the oven, sweet potatoes cooking, etc. The smell of Thanksgiving is in the air. Outside, it is a beautiful crisp Autumn day. The trees are yellow and brilliant red. The sky is a pale, pale blue.
    Time for family and friends, and to reflect on our many blessings.
    I hope you get your list done, and enjoy the Yankees game.
    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, Jamie, to you and yours.


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