Guest Posts and Site Advertising Policy

[This post is part of my series of reference posts that I can point people to later when the subject comes up. I’ve been getting quite a few requests lately for people wanting to provide content for the site or pay for ads on the site. This represents my policy on both these items.]

Guest Posts

At present, I do not accept unsolicited guest posts and articles for this site. All of the content here is generated internally. I may, on occasion, invite someone I know to write a guest post for the blog, but in each of these cases I explicitly invite someone to write a post. If I don’t know you, if we have never met, and if you are wondering whether I accept guest posts or articles for this site, you can safely assume the answer is no.

Link Exchanging/Sharing

Recently, I’ve been getting requests to participate in “link exchanges.” I do a lot of reading online. When I discover something I find interesting enough, I’ll write about it, usually linking back to the original post. I do not participate in link exchanges for the sole purpose of building followers or broadening reach.


At this time, I do not put advertisements of any kind on this site. This includes paid links to other sites.