Decommissioning My LiveJournal Account On November 30

I have been a member of LiveJournal since 2005. It was where I started blogging in the first place, and I used it regularly until about 2008 when I switched over to the self-managed version of WordPress upon which this site is based. I liked LiveJournal when I used it. I switched to WordPress because it provided me with a lot more control over what I wanted to do. Since that switch, I’ve used a WordPress plug-in to cross-post everything here over to my LiveJournal account.

Beginning today, the cross-posting will stop and at the end of November, I am removing my LiveJournal account.

I am doing this for several reasons:

  1. I never use LiveJournal anymore. I find WordPress to be better for my needs so I never even visit LiveJournal.
  2. This blog is already cross-posted to tumblr and has a well-established RSS feed. LiveJournal seems superfluous.
  3. There is almost no traffic over at the LiveJournal blog. 16-20 visits per day at the most. Between this blog and the RSS feed, on the other hand, I’m getting between 2,500-3,000 visits each day.
  4. It is one less thing for me to maintain.

If you are reading this post on LiveJournal and you enjoy the blog, please subscribe to the RSS feed or read it here or on Tumblr. Although no new posts will go to LiveJournal after this one, the LiveJournal account and blog will remain in tact until November 30th, at which point I will delete it.

And, on the very rare occasion that this site has been down, you can still read posts via Tumblr and RSS.


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