NaNoWriMo 2012: Day 6 Progress Report

On the sixth day, I rested. I was just too tired to write last night. I probably could have put some words down on the page, but they would have been there for word count only and would not have added substance. So I took the night off. It’s okay. I was more than 3,000 words ahead of the curve and even after taking the day off, I’m still around 1,300 words ahead of par and still have my writing to do today.

I travel tomorrow and will be out of town Friday, taking a red-eye back Friday night. Over the next five days, I’m hoping to come close to finishing the draft of my novella so that I can start ripping it apart to see where the story is. Then I get to begin on my favorite part of writing: the second draft.

How did everyone else do?


  1. I’m up to 15K. I was handwriting then transcribing when I got home, but found that I can take my iPad to work. I’m going to hook it up to a bluetooth keyboard and have a go at it.

    Yesterday I wrote something I didn’t expect, and I think I succeeded in making my version of Beauty and the Beast uniquely my own when that happened.

    A break sounds like a good idea. Today, I might read during my downtime instead of writing.

  2. Way to go, Ashley! It was a light day for me yesterday. I cut into my writing time to spend time exploring and swapping stories with my grandson, daughter and husband. The kids are both teenagers now, so we really value anytime they want to hang with us.

    So, I added another 905 words and reached 14,826. Now I’m going to see what I can do today.

    1. I wonder how much I can manage to get done on the 5 hour, 47 minute plane ride tomorrow? Seems reasonable to think I could add at least 2,000 words, right? And if I add 2,000 tonight, that would put me at over 17,000 by the time I touch down in San Francisco…

  3. Day 7 turned out to be a pretty good writing day for me. I have now hit 17,738 words, 2238 over the weekly target I had set of 15,500 words.

    Jamie, I hope your plane ride is long and smooth. Happy writing!


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