The Long Holiday Weekend

We will be spending our long Thanksgiving weekend with my sister and her family up in New York. While I will have Internet access, I will probably be more scarce than usual because, you know, I’ll be hanging out with family doing restful holiday weekend stuff. That said, I have scheduled some posts that should last through the long weekend. I just maybe slower than usual in replying to comments.

One thing I won’t be doing over the weekend is shopping on Black Friday. We live right next to a big Target and they are planning on opening at midnight on Friday. This irks me for some reason. I’m not a big fan of big-crowd shopping in the brightness of day, let alone in the wee hours of the night. I don’t get the point, other than the fact that it is some kind of novelty. The shopping urge withered in me decades ago, I suppose. Kelly is always way ahead of things and has most of the holiday shopping done anyway. So we’ll be spending the first half of Black Friday just hanging out. Friday evening, we’ll be attending Kelly’s 20th high school reunion.

In any case, if you celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday, either in the U.S. or abroad, I hope it’s a safe and happy one!


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