What’s On Tap For Today

Kelly has given me a block of time today to get some freelance work done. I also have some chores to do around the house. Tomorrow, we are taking the kids up to Baltimore to go on a train ride with Santa. But today, I can attempt to make progress on freelance work. Here is what I have on tap, in roughly this order of priority:

  1. Make some final (small) revisions to the story I told to the Beyond the Sun anthology. One of the backers of the Kicstarter for the anthology gets a Tuckerization and picked my story in which to be Tuckerized. There are also a few other minor changes to be made. I plan on getting these changes turned in today.
  2. Begin some editor-requested revisions on another story which may (or may not) appear in the magazine next year. These revisions are a little more complicated, although I don’t think I’d call them major revisions. I hope to at least get started on those today. If possible finish them, too, but I’m not holding my breath on that.
  3. Complete research and begin writing a nonfiction article for yet another magazine.
  4. If time permits, make some progress on the second draft of a new science fiction story I completed last month.

On the chores side of the ledger:

  1. Clean and mop the kitchen and bathroom floors.
  2. Clean the hardwood floors.

Finally, on the reading front:

  1. Finish book 2 of The Lord of the Rings. This would mean I completed The Fellowship of the Rings.
  2. Skim the new issue of Locus.
  3. Read the new Ken Liu stories in the new issue of InterGalactic Medicine Show.

The Big 40 countdown today on Sirius XMs 80s on 8 is for this week in 1980. I always like listening to countdowns in that year because it is such a transitional year between the 1970s and 1980s. You end up with some pretty eclectic music on the list. Plus, it’s about 8 months before the birth of MTV. So I look forward to listening to that while I work late this morning and early this afternoon.

So, what are you up to today? I imagine that NaNoWriMo winners are spending the day celebrating, right?

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