Various Updates for a Monday Morning

It is rainy and warm here in the Northern Virginia/Metro DC area this morning. I suppose “warm” is a relative term. It was about 60 when I left for the office. Tomorrow, there might be snow, so this kind of thing is ephemeral, to say the least. I don’t have much time this morning, so here are a few brief updates to be aware of:

  1. Golden Globes. Didn’t watch them. Heck, I didn’t even know they were on. I was deeply engrossed in the book Baseball Between the Numbers. Back when I lived in L. A., I would likely have lost my Los Angeles citizenship and been kicked out of my Studio City apartment for not watching the Golden Globes. Now, since I watch little TV and almost never get to the movies, it’s just not on my radar.
  2. The Wayward Time-Traveler column returns. My Wayward Time-Traveler column for SF Signal, which went on hiatus early in 2012, is back again, beginning today.  I missed writing those columns, and the new incarnation has a new schedule: monthly instead of biweekly, which is easier for me to manage. The newest column will be out later today. I’ll post a reminder when it goes online.
  3. Ken Burns’ BaseballI finished watching the entire documentary this weekend, including the “10th inning” added in 2010. I’ll have a lot more to say about it when I have time to write a full post. But the short version is: it was probably the single best documentary I’ve ever seen, regardless of topic.
  4. A new Going Paperless post will be out tomorrow. I think it is a good one, too. Stay-tuned.
  5. Evernote’s latest Paperless Challenge. The latest Paperless Challenge put on by Evernote is currently underway. Feel free to join in at any point. There will be goodies and prizes just like last time around.

That about covers things. Anything else happening that I should be aware of?


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