And Bye-Bye FitBit Ultra

Yesterday, after my regular morning walk, I discovered that my FitBit Ultra, which I’ve used to capture my walking activity for more than a year now, was gone. I had been clipped to my waistband, as always, but when I checked some time after my walk it wasn’t there. I retraced some of my steps but it was nowhere to be found.

It wasn’t really a tragedy. Indeed, it was bound to happen eventually, and I’m rather surprised that it took this long for me to lose it.

I contacted FitBit support to report it lost. They impressed me with their response, offering me their latest device, the FitBit One at a 50% discount. I begged off, only because I have my eye on the FitBit Flex which is scheduled to be released this spring, and looks to me to be much more difficult to lose than something you clip on your belt. It means that there will be a gap of a few weeks in my pedometer data, but I can live with that.

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