Play Ball!

Baseball is back and so I know it must be spring, despite the fact that it is unusually cold here (I don’t think it supposed to break 45 F today). Two days into the regular season and I haven’t watched a game yet, but I’m keeping my eye on things:

  1. The Yankees lost their opener to the Red Sox, which delighted many, if not most of my friends and family. The Yankees are playing with a lot of injuries–as one might expect from an older team. I think its way too early in the season to draw any conclusions1.
  2. Houston is now in the American League, and every division now has 5 teams, meaning that we get interleague play throughout the season. The Angels play the Reds today, for instance. So that’s a bit different.
  3. The Texas Rangers were one out away from a perfect game yesterday. That’s pretty remarkable.
  4. And Robinson Cano fired Scott Boras and hired Jay-Z.

I thought I might catch the Yankees game tonight, but it looks like I might actually make it to a writers group meeting instead, but I’ll get around to watching a game soon enough. And besides…

This Sunday, the Little Man has his first t-ball practice and that should be a lot of fun. More on that next week.

  1. And yes, I’d be saying the same thing if the Yankees had won that game.


  1. Oh teeball. That magical game you play before they let kids pitch and I was beaned in the left-handed batters box multiple times a game….. Tell the little man to live it up.

  2. I’m a Blue Jays fan and they haven’t got off to a very good start either. Up here, with the off-season moves, they’ve already had their coronation; I guess that’s why they play the games. Dickey didn’t do great in the first game and Santos took the loss in the second. A lot of Blue Jays fans would like to see the Red Sox go down because of how Farell engineered himself out of Toronto.
    I coached T-ball for a couple of years and it was a lot of fun. You try to teach some fundamentals. The kids would hit the ball and wave to their Mom and Dad. I’d be coaching 1st going”runrunrun”. One of my players just kept running and I had to go into right field to get her back!
    Good luck to the Little Man. I hope he has a lot of fun! Keep us posted.
    Thank you for posts while you were on vacation. I really enjoyed your insight into your writing process.


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